New Software – eBook Cover Maker Pro

We’ve just released our newest software – eBook Cover Maker Pro.

Create an eBook Cover Image in under 5 minutes. No graphics expertise needed. eBook covers can be made for any reader – Kindle, Nook, iPad, and more. It’s very easy to go make a cover – simply use the tabs at the top of the program to go through the eBook Cover making process. Once all the steps are complete, simply save the image as a JPEG, TIF, or PNG and then upload it to the store.

Check it out and download our free trial from here –


New Software – Tempo Translation for MS Outlook

We’ve just released a new program – Tempo Translation for MS Outlook. Using Google Translate, it takes any email that you have received in any language and translates it using just one button.

We constantly get support emails in various languages. Previously, we had to copy the text in Outlook and then open a browser window and paste the text of the emails in Google Translate to get the translation. Now you can do this with just one button.

It’s a real time saver and it’s FREE! Download Tempo Translation today.

For MS Outlook

Most popular banner ad sizes

I found this article on most popular ad sizes very interesting.

I’m not sure if this is just for the bigger ad houses or overall, but the popular banner ad sizes were a little surprising to me.

Windows 7 and Banner Maker Pro 8

Just a quick note to let you know that Banner Maker Pro 8 is fully compatible with Windows 7.

New Product – Clipart Collection

The Clipart Collection contains over 1700 public domain and exclusive images that are very useful for banner making. This collection was designed for banner making – the images sets include small images with transparent backgrounds designed to be placed on banners. Images include:

  • Arrows

  • Bullets

  • Buttons

  • Checkmarks

  • Icons

  • Stars

  • Currency and much more.

The Clipart Collection can be purchased at the special introductory price of $14.99 at

Banner Maker Pro Version 8 Now Available

What’s New in Version 8?

  • Over 60 new one step animations including 29 text or image only animations
  • New animation type – Slide Show Animation – animations now blend from one banner to another with 50 different possible animations
  • Better quality animated banners.
  • New shapes – tabs, one rounded corner tabs, 16, 24, and 32 point stars
  • Color picker and color converter options make color selection much easier
  • Over 100 new background images
  • Added images can now be edited – flip, mirror, rotate, and adjust brightness and contrast
  • Rulers can now be placed around the banner for better placement
  • Many more minor updates

Version 8 is available on our website –

Previous Banner Maker Pro purchasers can buy the upgrade for $17.99. Contact us for details.

Another New Website –

We’ve added another new website – In addition to reducing the size of your jpgs (in kilobytes) it will also create thumbnails in three different sizes (64×64, 100×100, and 125×125). Best of all, it’s free. Try it today.